SWR SUP about us

Tim Wuth:
Tim has spent the last decade working in eco-tourism. He has been actively engaged in a variety of work. Including as a tour guide for kayak tours, stand up paddle board hires and tours, as well teaching scuba diving and skippering luxury vessels for long haul transfers.
Tim grew up with a love for the ocean, and a deep respect and passion for the creatures that dwell within it.
“This has led me to seek any activity that is on, in, or under the water and has blessed me with some of the most amazing experiences with many tales to tell. “

Nell MacDonald:
Nell is a keen environmentalist and holds degrees in Environmental Tourism & Management. Nell’s passion for the environment has led her on many adventures around the globe.
“I’ve been fortunate to have had so many amazing experiences. One of my favourites was working with a turtle conservation effort in Greece.”

Our much loved little ones, Arlo and Pia. Have been a large part of what inspired us to create SWR SUP with their boundless curiosity and love of the outdoors.

Our aim is to offer an experience to the public that is both healthy and fun. While also being an environmentally conscious activity, which will showcase our beautiful backyard that is South West Rocks.